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9STAR and FCC - Channel Partnership

FCC has become a value-added service provider for 9STAR IAM and SSO solutions across Bahrain and KSA.

9STAR is a rapidly growing cybersecurity software company, a leading provider of Enterprise-Grade Cloud Identity Security, Authentication and Access Management software solutions. 9STAR is a leading commercial provider of the widely-adopted open-source Shibboleth software. 9STAR delivers unique Cloud Identity security software solutions that are designed for IT Pros, and IT Managers to help them rapidly provision and manage IDaaS (Identity as a Service) for their stakeholders.

9STAR knows what it takes to deliver, deploy and support secure enterprise identity (IAM) and single sign-on (SSO) authentication, and access management cloud solutions that meet enterprise security, privacy, compliance and governance guidelines, and provide significant savings and return on investment.

Future Communications Company S.P.C. Established in 2003, with a vision to create a company that excels in distribution through innovative tools that ensure sustained value for all stakeholders. Since then, FCC has achieved year on year growth for all IT brands that are under its business domain.

FCC is the leader of the Bahraini market in channel management as the processes were formulated by the FCC team to be adaptive to any changes.

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