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Armarius Software and Cybersecurity Technologies - Channel Distribution Partnership

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Cybersecurity Technologies has become the distributor of Armarius Software DLP and User Behavior Analytics solutions in APAC.

Cybersecurity Technologies has signed a distribution contract with Armarius Software. Armarius Software helps care about business continuity maintaining high performance standards and ensuring compatibility and non-intrusiveness for the end-user IT assets. Company's absolute priority is easy system maintenance, which includes simple deployment with suitable architecture options, automated full system update, and excellent support services. Apart from that Armarius Software offers flexible licensing scheme that will fit infrastructure and project of any size. Company's ultimate goal is to identify and prevent insider threats, monitor employee activities to monitor productivity and reduce burnout driven turnover, and proactively prevent accidental or malicious data exfiltration via email, web, print, or usb.

Armarius Software offers an all-in-one human risk management solution which is an alternative to installing several platforms on an endpoint for identifying insider threats, alerting on suspicious user behavior, and incident response. Designed as a next-gen proactive data loss prevention platform Armarius Software embodies a mix of features, which serve to identify critical data, manage access to it, and track any user activities in physical, virtual, or cloud environments. With Armarius Software you may generate a variety of reports allowing you to analyze different aspects of users’ activity for a selected period.

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