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Sectona PAM Visiting Bakotech Poland

Sectona PAM visited Bakotech Poland. Multiple challenges and opportunities were discussed. The different ways how both companies can collaborate were explored.

Sectona PAM is looking forward to closely working with Bakotech Poland and building a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership to deliver their innovative solutions to the customers in Poland.

Bakotech is one the leaders in the cybersecurity field and share Sectona's vision of creating a safer and secure digital environment.

Sectona provides a privileged access platform designed for deployment architectures that can handle scalability needs and complex enterprise requirements while enabling growth to meet emerging security needs. The main goal of the company is to create products and technologies that provide integrated privilege management for various IT teams and minimize the problems associated with modern challenges in privileged account management.

The high quality level of Sectona Technologies' products has been recognized by Gartner as Sectona has been featured in the 2022 Gartner PAM Magic Quadrant.

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